Promoting health at work

Business Care

Health is a factor of success in every company Healthy employees are more dedicated and more productive. As their motivation increases, the absences decline. For this reason, CONCORDIA is committed to prevention and promoting health at the workplace.

With Business Care, CONCORDIA supports HR managers in their challenging task of protecting the health of their employees. CONCORDIA has a comprehensive understanding of health and promotes it specifically by using preventative measures.

From the consultation to implementation

During a discussion, specialists at CONCORDIA analyse the needs of the company. They develop a concept with effective measures. During the implementation, they rely upon a network of qualified suppliers that work at an economically viable price. The multifaceted offering includes, among others, measures regarding the following themes:
  • Ergonomics at the workplace
  • Exercise on the job and during leisure time
  • Preventing stress
  • Detecting burnout
  • Nutritional advice
  • Executive training and management development
  • Analysis of days lost and sick days
  • Organisational development

Important questions regarding health in the company

·         How do I stay healthy at the workplace?

·         How can lost days be reduced and absences be prevented?

·         How do I keep my employees healthy and productive?