This is how we are organised

Administrative Board

The Administrative Board of CONCORDIA from 2018 to 2022.

Dr. Andreas Lauterburg (President)


Ruth Humbel


Maurice Eglin


Eva Jaisli


Prof. Dr. Martin Eling


Dorothea Zünd-Bienz (Vice president)


Felix Muff


Dr. Markus Wyss


Dr. Donat P. Marxer

Board of Management

Nikolai Dittli


Agnes Durrer

Deputy CEO, Corporate Center

Peter Anderegg

Human Resources

Dr. Christoph Braschler


Kurt Stricker

Kurt Stricker

Actuarial Practice

Dr. Stefan Pleisch

Information Technology

Hansjörg Setz


Dr. Jürg Vontobel


The CONCORDIA Group is composed of the following companies:

CONCORDIA Swiss Health and Accident Insurance Association

The Association, with headquarters in Lucerne, was established in 1913 and is the parent company of the CONCORDIA Group. All the other companies and foundations arose from this association. Any natural person living in the area of activity who takes out mandatory health care insurance or a supplementary care insurance to mandatory health care insurance (with the exception of Vacation and Travel Insurance) with a company of the CONCORDIA Group becomes a member of the association unless that person specifically declines admission.


CONCORDIA Swiss Health and Accident Insurance Ltd and CONCORDIA Insurances Ltd form the core of the CONCORDIA Group. The annual report is essentially concerned with their business operations.

Stiftung Kranken- und Unfallkasse Konkordia

The Stiftung Kranken- und Unfallkasse Konkordia was established in 1982 and is headquartered in Lucerne. Through the foundation, donations are effected, which are allocated to the persons insured by CONCORDIA.

Pension Fund of CONCORDIA

The Pension Fund of CONCORDIA, headquartered in Lucerne, handles the occupational pension scheme for the employees of CONCORDIA.

Monvia AG

Monvia Ltd, based in Lucerne, builds up family doctor practices in the geographic area of activity of CONCORDIA and operates them.

Sanacare AG

Sanacare AG, based in Winterthur, is jointly owned by CONCORDIA Participations Ltd and Sanitas Grundversicherungen AG. Sanacare runs 13 family doctor practices in the cantons of Aargau, Berne, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Schwyz, Tessin and Zurich.

Hotel Cascada AG

The Hotel Cascada AG, based in Lucerne, runs the Hotel Cascada and the Bolero Restaurant. The hotel is directly adjacent to the headquarters of CONCORDIA. It has various training and banquet rooms, and is a popular address for both business and private events.

SOLIDA Versicherungen AG

Solida Versicherungen AG, based in Zurich, is jointly owned by CONCORDIA Participations Ltd and Helsana. Solida offers accident insurance as a supplement to health insurance.