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Corporate Health Management

Health is a factor which contributes to success, be it in the private sphere as well as in the working environment. Healthy employees are more dedicated and more productive: their motivation increases, and absences in the company decrease.

With Corporate Health Management, CONCORDIA supports companies in health care and encourages employees to stay fit and healthy: from prevention to reintegration at the work place.

We promote health in your company with the following measures

Analysis & Coaching
We analyse the current state in your enterprise and clarify your needs. With this knowledge, we coach your senior management.
Exercise & Nutrition
The right nutrition and regular exercise help us to stay healthy and manage stress. We support your employees thereby.
Tension & Relaxation
We help your employees to find their balance between occupational stress and personal requirements. Key word: Work-life balance. 
Occupational Safety & Health Protection
With information, risk analysis and advice, we support you in reducing accidents and work-related illnesses. And in doing so, your liability risks, too.
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Each loss of working hours causes additional expenditure and costs in a company. With the systematic management of absences, both can be reduced. The prerequisites for this are an overview as well as instructed superiors who know what must be done.
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The fastest and most sustainable return to the workplace possible – Case Management by CONCORDIA assists employers during the reintegration of their employees after an accident or illness.
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