Reliable partner for companies

Collective Sickness Allowance Insurance 

CONCORDIA maintains long-term business relationships with numerous well-known companies, and is able to win them over again and again with comprehensive and competent services.

These are the benefits and services that CONCORDIA offers to employers: 

  • Collective Sickness Allowance Insurance: attractive premiums
  • Collective Sickness Allowance Insurance: attractive premiums
  • Administrative facilitation: Electronic case reporting (German)
  • Integrated case processing and benefits processing, case manager and health insurance doctor on site in Vaduz.
  • Active combat against insurance fraud
  • Collective contract for health care
  • Discounts on supplementary insurances

Service partnership

We ourselves are a service company and can best understand your needs and requirements. As a service partner of the Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce, we are an important and reliable contact person for business in all health care matters.

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