Personal data

Data protection and data security

CONCORDIA considers the protection of personal data to be an essential component of the service it provides to clients. Therefore, data protection belongs among the most important principles and standards of behaviour (Code of Conduct).

Data protection and data security represent an important basis for the trustworthy relationship we have with our insured persons and business partners.

What does CONCORDIA know about me?

CONCORDIA sees, processes and saves only those personal data which are actually necessary for the fulfilment of its tasks.

What does CONCORDIA do with my data?

One of the main tasks of CONCORDIA as a health, accident and life insurance provider is to process (that is, to receive, store, modify and, in certain cases, forward, etc.) the personal data of it clients, insured persons and employees. Some health data deserving particular protection is also included among this data.

The health insurance doctor service and the data collection point at CONCORDIA are responsible for highly sensitive health data. Their data protection management systems are certified by the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) and have been awarded the international GoodPriv@cy quality guarantee mark.

CONCORDIA provides regular and thorough instruction to its employees on the topic of data protection. All persons employed or commissioned by CONCORDIA are obligated to safeguard confidentiality and to adhere to the policy regarding data protection according to the law, directives and contractual regulations.

The contracting parties for outsourced functions are carefully selected by CONCORDIA. They are obligated to maintain data protection and monitored by CONCORDIA.

How secure is my data at CONCORDIA?

CONCORDIA guarantees data protection and information security at a high level. It adheres to the legal and contractual directives regarding data protection and is constantly striving to improve its service. For this reason, it inspects the effectiveness of its data protection management system at periodic intervals, deduces goals and measures from the inspection, and monitors the implementation of these.

CONCORDIA makes all technical and organisational provisions which are suitable and commensurate in order to protect the personal data from unauthorized access, manipulation, alteration, tampering and loss, and this way guarantees data security. This applies to all phases of processing data, including everything from the moment it is provided until the moment of its destruction.

Data Protection Officer

CONCORDIA has designated a Data Protection Officer:

Data Protection Officer
Bundesplatz 15
6002 Lucerne

The data protection policy is based on the security and data protection guidelines of CONCORDIA. 

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