Absence Management
Overview and organisation

Absence Management

Each loss of working hours causes additional expenditure and costs in a company. With the systematic management of absences, both can be reduced. The prerequisites for this are an overview as well as instructed superiors who know what must be done.

CONCORDIA assists companies in introducing an effective absence management process, which regulates the competences and responsibilities, even when it comes to short absences. In the event of an absence, everyone knows who does what, when, and why. Moreover, significant performance indicators arise. That is why absence management can also be a valuable management tool.

Training for managers

Regular training enables members of management in terms of communication. They learn how to fully recognize their responsibility so that employees recognise the value of the company and are able to contribute to a positive absence culture. The advantage for the company is that it stays in good shape due to the reduction in absences and the resulting reduction in costs.

Absence Management at CONCORDIA:

  • Supports operations with the installation
  • Trains management
  • Assists companies with the implementation
  • Delivers data for analysis regarding long term and short absences
  • Develops appropriate preventive measures within the scope of corporate health management
  • Offers a valuable addition with case management