What to do in the event of an accident
Occupational and non-occupational accident

What to do in the event of an accident?

Accidents take place within seconds – and often they change lives forever. That of the victim as well as the whole family. Their future must remain financially affordable as well.

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The financial consequences of an accident can be very serious for the individuals as well as for the dependants. It is therefore advisable to always be prepared actuarially for an emergency.

Am I insured against accidents?

If you work for the same employer for at least 8 hours a week, then you are insured against occupational and non-occupational accidents as well as occupational illnesses. The OUFL/UVersG law on accident insurance applies. In the event of an accident, you will receive the statutory benefits from this insurance.

It is an entirely different matter if you are not employed or are employed less than eight hours per week at the same employer. Then you are only insured against occupational accidents and occupational illnesses through the obligatory accident insurance. You must therefore include the accident cover in your health insurance. That way, you are also insured in the event of a non-occupational accident.


  • Which benefits does the accident insurance pay pursuant to the OUFL/UVersG?

    Accident insurance providers pursuant to the OUFL/UVersG must bear the total costs in the event of an accident for

    • outpatient and inpatient curative treatment (general ward)
    • medical aids
    • participation towards travel and transport costs as well as further costs
    • daily allowance (up to 80 % of the last salary, from the 3rd day after the accident
    • compensation for damage to integrity
    • helplessness allowance
    • survivors’ pensions or settlement
    • disability pension

    You do not pay the deductible nor must you participate in the costs in the form of a retention fee. The obligatory accident insurance also assumes costs for relapses and long-term consequences of accidents.
    The hospital or your doctor shall send all invoices directly to the insurance provider. You must therefore neither pay the invoices yourself nor send them to your insurance. 

  • Which benefits are taken over by the accident cover of the health insurance pursuant to the KVG/LAMal?

    In the event of an accident, the accident cover of the health insurance does not cover the same benefits as the obligatory accident insurance pursuant to the OUFL/UVersG.

    The health insurance, just like the accident insurance, takes over the treatment costs, but invoices the deductible and retention fee as it does with illness. You must, however, pay the deductible only one time per calendar year for illness and accident together. The health insurance makes, in particular, no distinction between illness and accident.

    A further distinction exists with cash benefits. There is no entitlement to daily allowance with the accident insurance of basic insurance. Just the same, no disability pension nor death benefits will be paid out. A compensation for damage to integrity is only paid through the accident insurance.

  • Who is covered by school accident insurance?
    All public and private schools in Liechtenstein are obligated to insure their pupils against the consequences of accidents from the time they enter school to the time they leave it or they relocate abroad. Are covered the accidents that occur during classes, during breaks or during activities organised by the school (e.g. errands run for the teacher, school trips, school camps, etc.). 
  • How do I report an accident?

    If you are insured through your employer pursuant to the OUFL/UVersG, your employer will take over reporting the accident. Inform them of the accident's exact sequence of events so that they can forward the necessary information to the insurance provider.  

    If you are insured with the accident cover of mandatory health care insurance (MHC), then you must report the accident yourself with this form

    • Please fill out all the fields required.
    • Create a PDF and print it out.
    • Sign it. 
    • Send it to the Landesvertretung Liechtenstein 

    If your child has suffered an accident during school hours, please report it to a teacher or the head teacher of her/his school in Liechtenstein. 

    This report must be made as soon as possible. 

  • What counts as an accident?
    An accident is an event which, due to a sudden, involuntary damaging effect of an unusual external factor on the human body, results in an impairment of physical or mental health or death.

    If, in case of physical or mental impairment, the accident requirements aren't met, the case is generally considered to be an illness and your basic insurance pays. You will thus receive illness benefits.
  • My accident insurance doesn’t pay. What can I do?
    If the accident insurance does not pay the benefits, and thus the impairment is not classified as an accident, then the insurance provider must on demand communicate this in a decree in written form. If you do not agree with this, you may file an objection within 30 days. 
  • What should I bear in mind in the event of an accident abroad?
    A maximum of twice the amount that would be paid in Liechtenstein for the same treatment will be compensated. If you would like to make use of more benefits, you can take out Vacation and Travel Insurance. With this, the recovery costs will be taken over at the local rate. With DIVERSA Supplementary Insurance and PREMIUM Hospital Insurance too, you are better insured when abroad. Should you have any questions, please contact the Landesvertretung Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein representation of CONCORDIA).
  • Can I insure myself additionally against accidents?
    If you have to be hospitalised as a result of an accident, the accident insurance of your employer assumes only the costs for the general ward. In this situation, would you like to be able to freely choose the surgeon and to enjoy the rest necessary for a quick recovery? We would be happy to provide you with information regarding the comprehensive coverage of PREMIUM Hospital Insurance and CARE Hospital Insurance in case of illnesses and accidents.