Apprenticeships and internships at CONCORDIA
A secure start to your professional life:

Apprenticeships and internships at CONCORDIA

Are you looking for an apprenticeship or an internship? Take your first steps in the world of work at CONCORDIA. We offer you a friendly and diverse environment in which you will feel at home and will be able to develop.

An exciting time awaits

Starting out in the professional world is a special experience. You will gain new impressions and experiences every single day. That is why it is so important that you feel happy in your team from the outset. Whether you’re doing an apprenticeship or an internship, discover the exciting world of social health insurance and begin your career with us.

As a federally certified commercial assistant (E or M profile), you will spend three years gathering valuable experience in the fields of services and administration.

Varied and exciting apprenticeship

You will be an important part of the CONCORDIA family from day one. To enable you to develop as quickly as possible, you will work as a full team member and you will also be challenged at school. Your everyday duties will help you to get ahead in your role as commercial assistant. We offer you an ideal environment for this: thanks to our friendly and informal culture, you will settle in in no time at all and will receive expert support from helpful colleagues in all divisions of the company.

A strong foundation for your professional future

CONCORDIA is a large and diverse company, and health is a topic that occupies our society on a daily basis, constantly raising new questions and sparking new trends. Your duties during your apprenticeship will be just as diverse. You will get to know our individual departments and IT systems on a step-by-step basis, thus laying a strong foundation for your professional future.

Theory or practice? On an internship with us, you can do both

If you train as a commercial assistant at a commercial college, you have to do a one-year internship to get your proficiency certificate. Take advantage of this opportunity and lay the foundations for your professional career at CONCORDIA. Your duties will be challenging and will come with a lot of responsibility. Everything you do has one single objective: the welfare of our customers. Alongside the practical work, plenty of time will be devoted to theory, too. Your instructors will bring you on board in a structured manner and provide you with the necessary specialist knowledge.

A love of working with people

What qualities do you need to enjoy a successful year-long internship with us? You should be a persuasive, communicative and motivated person who enjoys being in contact with our customers on a daily basis. You should be able to work independently, engage with people and champion your cause confidently. We look forward to getting to know you!

Trial apprenticeships

We offer a limited number of taster days. Are you interested and a resident of Liechtenstein? Then apply now!

Send your application together with a letter of motivation and your secondary school grades by e-mail to