Your health insurance provider in Liechtenstein


Since its foundation in 1932, CONCORDIA’s representation in Liechtenstein has formed a close alliance with the population of Liechtenstein. 

Since its modest beginning with 28 insured persons and a handful of employees, CONCORDIA’s representation in Liechtenstein has emerged in the last decades as the largest health insurance provider in the Principality of Liechtenstein and a medium-sized company with more than 30 employees on site in the areas of finance and accounting, corporate customer benefits, private customer benefits, case management, sales & back office. It also offers commercial training to apprentices and interns.

Social security, a high level of expertise and value creation in Liechtenstein for almost a century.

We are delighted with the great trust placed in us by our insured persons – many of whom have been loyal to us for several decades. Thank you very much!

Expertise – we understand insurance

Today, around 65% of the population of Liechtenstein is insured at CONCORDIA as a way to alleviate the economic impact of illness and accident. In numbers, this means around 27'000 insured persons and annual insurance benefits of about 130 million Swiss francs.

We are very honoured that CONCORDIA enjoys the trust of so many people in Liechtenstein. As a reliable, financially stable, realistic and highly competitive partner of insured persons, CONCORDIA’s representation in Liechtenstein has earned itself a name in the course of time with its quality of service, high level of expertise and proximity to customers. 

Service - we provide first-class assistance

The qualified teams at the customer centres in Vaduz and Eschen – more than 30 employees in total – look after the customers of CONCORDIA’s representation in Liechtenstein.

Together with geographic proximity, personal proximity to private and corporate customers is highly important for our employees. The individual advisory services, plenty of time for your concerns, and our expertise while treating the issues at hand fairly are all part of the exceptional service which distinguishes CONCORDIA.

We look forward to establishing contact with you personally!