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Global choice of doctor and hospital

PREMIUM Hospital Insurance

Is it important to you to have a free choice of hospital and of the doctors who treat you anywhere in the world? PREMIUM Hospital Insurance offers this option as well as the additional comfort of a one-bed room. This way, you will enjoy the very best medical care and preferential treatment.

PREMIUM Hospital Insurance – how you benefit

Worldwide choice

Worldwide choice

Choice of hospital and choice of doctor at the hospital


For families

Special benefits for parents and children

Global assistance

Global assistance

concordiaMed premium – medical care around the clock and worldwide

PREMIUM Hospital Insurance is the ideal supplementary insurance for customers with high standards. The first-class service from CONCORDIA will more than live up to your expectations. For example, you can arrange doctor’s appointments directly with the 24-hour emergency service available worldwide. You will also enjoy attractive benefits for families and a high level of comfort during outpatient procedures at the hospital.

Benefit with PREMIUM Hospital Insurance

  • Free choice of hospital worldwide1

  • Free choice of doctor at hospitals worldwide1

  • Full coverage of treatment abroad

  • Assumption of costs for second medical opinion before an operation

1 At the rate recognised by the insurance provider and for treatment methods recognised in Liechtenstein
  • One-bed rooms for maximum privacy

  • First-class service and the best care

  • Global cost coverage on a private ward

  • Overnight stay before or after outpatient procedure: 75%, max. CHF 200/year towards the costs of overnight stays at the hospital or in accommodation near the hospital

  • CHF 50/day, max. CHF 200/year towards the costs of travel from your place of residence to the hospital and back

  • Rooming-in: up to CHF 60/night towards the costs of the overnight stay of the accompanying parent or child in the hospital in which the insured child or parent is hospitalised

  • External rooming-in: up to CHF 100/night towards the costs of overnight stays of parents in the vicinity of the hospital during their child’s hospital stay

  • Childcare: up to CHF 100/day, max. CHF 400/year, towards the costs of childcare during an inpatient stay of the insured parents

  • Payout of CHF 1,500 for outpatient or home birth

  • Worldwide 24-hour emergency service

  • Direct and quick appointment scheduling with doctors and hospitals from the Hirslanden Group

  • Additional contributions of CHF 70/day towards medically prescribed convalescence cures and spa treatments (max. 21 days/year)

  • Additional contributions of CHF 70/day towards medically prescribed home help (max. 30 days/year)

  • On request, we will provide you with personalised, expert advice on second medical opinions, choice of hospital and preparation for hospital stays. Use this free service from CONCORDIA

  • Take advantage of a free consultation as part of the preparation for your planned operation