Lower premiums, best service

Favourable for families

Save on premiums, benefit from discounts, be insured at low cost. Parents with children are assigned to an health insurance which is also attractively priced. CONCORDIA is the first choice for families – for babies already from birth on.

CONCORDIA offers families many advantages

  • For children up to their 16th birthday, you pay no premiums for Mandatory Health Care Insurance (MHC) and are exempt from paying the deductible and cost share. With the supplementary insurance GENERAL Hospital Insurance, you only pay CHF 3 per month for children up to the age of 15 and for DIVERSA and NATURA CHF 6 per month.

  • Beginning with the third child, the supplementary insurances DIVERSA, NATURA and hospital insurance are free as long as the same insurances have been taken out for the first two children.
  • Additional advantage: In regard to premium payment exemption for the supplementary insurances DIVERSA, NATURA and Hospital Insurance, beginning with the third child on, we take into account adolescents up to the age of 20. Here is an example: in regard to a family with three children, if one of them transfers to the adolescent level, the premium payment exemption remains unchanged for the third child.
  • Children up to the age of 5 will be admitted into Dental Care Insurance without a doctor’s certificate. This insurance covers at least 50 % of the dental bill, up to CHF 500 per year.
  • CONCORDIA Baby Bonus: on the birth of your child, we will give you CHF 100. The only condition: You have already taken out supplementary insurance for your child with CONCORDIA before the birth.