How to save money on Mandatory Health Care Insurance (MHC)

Choice of Deductible

Insured persons who are ready to take on more personal responsibility and choose a correspondingly higher deductible can have their premiums considerably reduced.

Persons insured

Annual deductibles
Retention fees

Premium discount
(per year)

up to age 16
None None None
17 - 20 years old
None None None

age 21 and older


CHF   500

CHF 1,500

CHF 2,500

CHF 4,000

20 %, maximum

CHF 900       

CHF 700

CHF 500

CHF 200


no discount

up to CHF   480

up to CHF   960

up to CHF 1,680

Insured persons of retirement age


CHF        0

CHF 1,000

CHF 2,000

CHF 3,500

10 %, maximum

CHF 500

CHF 400

CHF 300

CHF 150 


no discount

up to CHF   480

up to CHF   960

up to CHF 1,680

Changing deductibles

If you would like to change to another deductible, you can fill out the form here.