Deductible and Retention Fee

Cost Sharing (MHC)

With Mandatory Health Care Insurance (MHC), a statutory contribution to costs in the form of a deductible and retention fee is included. For children and adolescents up to the age of 20, no cost share is paid. 

Persons insured in adulthood (from the age of 21) pay 20 % of the health costs that exceed the deductible as a retention fee. Once the retirement age has been reached, the retention fee is reduced to 10%. Because the maximum amount of the retention fee is determined by the high cost threshold of CHF 5,000, the maximum amount of the retention fee is dependent on the chosen deductible.

Annual deductibles

Maximum retention fee

up to age 16

CHF    0


17 - 20 years old

CHF    0


age 21 and over

CHF    500

CHF 1,500

CHF 2,500

CHF 4,000

CHF 900

CHF 700

CHF 500

CHF 200

Insured persons of

retirement age 

CHF        0

CHF 1,000

CHF 2,000

CHF 3,500

CHF 500

CHF 400

CHF 300

CHF 150


Benefits exempt from cost sharing (maternity and medical check-ups) remain unchanged. The increased retention fee on certain original preparations is dropped beginning on 1 January 2017.