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Flexible choice of hospital ward

CARE Hospital Insurance

Do you like to stay flexible? If so, then our flexible CARE Hospital Insurance offers you ideal insurance cover – exactly as you want it. Decide every time you go into hospital which kind of ward you would like to stay in – be it private, semi-private or general.

CARE Hospital Insurance – how you benefit


Free choice

Choice of hospital and choice of doctor on private and semi-private wards

Stay according to your needs

Stay according to your needs

Decide flexibly on admission to hospital whether you would like to go onto a private, semi-private or general ward


For cross-border commuters

Includes access to hospitals in Austria and Germany

CARE Hospital Insurance from CONCORDIA is the ideal supplementary cover for everyone who wants to stay flexible and opt for increased comfort depending on the situation. You will benefit from clearly defined retention fees and can further reduce your contributions depending on which hospital you choose. Families enjoy attractive premium discounts and benefits, such as contributions towards the cost of rooming-in. This means that as a parent, you can spend the night in hospital with your ill child and vice versa.

Benefit with CARE Hospital Insurance

  • Free choice of hospital from the recognised hospitals in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany and Austria

  • Thanks to the possibility of being treated in hospitals in other countries, this hospital insurance plan is also ideal for cross-border commuters

  • Free choice of doctor on private and semi-private wards

  • Free choice of hospital ward before an inpatient procedure

  • Rooming-in: up to CHF 60/night towards the costs of the overnight stay of the accompanying parent or child in the hospital in which the insured child or parent is hospitalised

  • Payout of CHF 300 for outpatient or home birth

  • Your premiums will not increase after you draw benefits

  • You do not pay any premiums for the third and all further children in a family if the first two children also have CARE Hospital Insurance

  • Additional contributions of CHF 30/day towards medically prescribed convalescence cures and spa treatments (max. 21 days/year)

  • Additional contributions of CHF 30/day towards medically prescribed home help (max. 30 days/year)

  • Assumption of costs for second medical opinion before an operation

  • On request, we will provide you with personalised, expert advice on second medical opinions, choice of hospital and preparation for hospital stays. Use this free service from CONCORDIA

  • Take advantage of a free consultation as part of the preparation for your planned operation

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Clearly defined retention fee

Depending on the hospital ward you choose, your maximum contribution will be as follows:
  • Private: retention fee of 40%, max. CHF 5,000/year

  • Semi-private: retention fee of 30%, max. CHF 3,000/year

  • General: no retention fee

At the following hospitals:
  • Liechtensteinisches Landesspital, Vaduz

  • Spitalregion Rheintal, Werdenberg, Sarganserland (SRRWS)

  • Kantonsspital Graubünden, Chur

  • Landeskrankenhaus, Feldkirch

your contributions toward cost sharing will be reduced to:
  • Private: retention fee of 20%, max. CHF 2,500/year

  • Semi-private: retention fee of 15%, max. CHF 1,500/year

  • General: no retention fee