Quick, easy, secure

Electronic invoicing (eBill)

You no longer want to settle health insurance premiums with a paper statement, but you also don’t want to pay with direct debit through the bank (LSV+) or CH-DD Direct Debit? Then we recommend that you try the electronic invoicing (eBill) as a method of payment.

With electronic invoicing (eBill), you receive invoices electronically and can pay premiums and cost sharing quickly, easily and securely via your e-banking account.


With electronic invoicing (eBill), you help CONCORDIA to further reduce the administrative costs – and thereby to curb the premium increase. 

Your advantages by paying with electronic invoices (eBill)

  • Comfortable
    The reference number and amount are carried over automatically
  • Quick
    Pay the e-invoice (eBill) with just a few mouse clicks

  • Paperless
    You actively support environmental protection
  • Manageable
    First verify, then pay – just like with paper invoices
  • Secure
    Just like your e-banking

Four steps to electronic invoicing (eBill)

The reception of electronic invoice (eBill) in your e-banking is easy to set up. For this purpose, use the instructions.

This is what you must know

  • Electronic invoicing (eBill) requires that you have a Liechtensteinische Landesbank (LLB) account, an LGT Bank account, a postal account or a Swiss bank account.

  • Customers with any other type of bank account in the Principality of Liechtenstein cannot switch to electronic invoicing (eBill) yet. We recommend that you pay with direct debit through the bank (LSV+) or the post office (CH-DD Direct Debit, or Swiss Direct Debit).

  • Premiums of companies cannot currently be paid via electronic invoicing (eBill) for daily allowance insurance.